ecoboutiquo invites the conscientious fashionista to realize recycling as a necessity. this is an earth minded approach to fashion through an effort to reconsider and rethink otherwise discardable elements. this boutique is a reclaimation of fashionable styles and a presentation of unique preparations. each handmade garment is one of a kind. every design is born of the desire to eliminate global textile saturation and to provide an alternative, a fashion alternative. we say never refuse to reuse. ecoboutiquo represents locally hand made items with a coordination of earth friendly arts. this is an opportunity to discover one of a kind eco-couture, to obtain the perfect gift. one can locate an irresistible bit of eye-candy, to celebrate themself, and the commitment to the environment. this retail gallery is a grass roots venture to explore fashion and lighten the load on the landfill.

who says recycling can't be sexy?
please get dressed, love your planet,
and shop at ecoboutiquo.

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